At Connections Consulting, Inc., we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We work on your schedule, at your location, to your specifications. We provide a variety of workforce-focused services including:


Whether you need large-group facilitation, focus groups, individual interviews, or online surveys, we can help. Let us work with you to craft the right research questions, identifying participant qualifications, and design the process that will ensure success.


Let us help you capture a “true picture” of your local or regional community. We provide cutting-edge research using the most current labor market data and align those findings with the training and educational services available in your community. This gap-analysis can change the conversation among stakeholders and serve as the foundation for policy and decision-making.


Once you have the facts, let us work with you to provide the strategic planning services your team needs to take action. We can work one-on-one as advisers or support your team through the hard work of making change.


We know how hard it is to take on another project when your resources are already spread thin. Allow us to serve as an extension of your management team and provide support for committees, task forces, and other groups. Whether it’s a local team of stakeholders planning an event or an on-going effort to redesign your organization, we have the experience and expertise to help!