What customers say about Dr. Eileen Casey White and Connections Consulting:

“Eileen . . . has been an active leader, consultant, and coach in assisting community college and industry partners to build, refine, and deliver career technical training and certifications that create pathways to career and success . . . she has skills from development to delivery, (working with) all sizes of teams and partners.” Dr. Connie Green, President Emeritus, Tillamook Bay Community College

“Your help allowed us to capture many ideas in a short time and consolidate them into a workable SBM (Small Business Management) program. I’m actually using the topic areas for the outline and the individual ideas to create the content for SBM. Your help allowed us to pay attention to individuals.” Arlene Soto, SBDC Director, Tillamook

“… I have contracted with Eileen as a researcher, workshop presenter, project coordinator, and writer.  She is diligent and goes above and beyond to achieve project goals. I recommend her with the highest respect and admiration. Any project or organization would be fortunate to have her on board.”  Dr. Donna M. Beegle, President, Communication Across Barriers

“Eileen is connected to many networks, which is code for when managing a project or a team to take an advantage of an opportunity she can pull on the right resources in the right measure at the right time to expedite results . . .given a situation requiring collaboration and action, she can not only identify the dots, she can connect them and identify resources to make the dots become a single, large dot with everyone working together.”  Ray Hoyt, Title III Project Director, Tillamook Bay Community College

“(Dr. White) has worked on multiple cutting-edge food manufacturing workforce development grant projects with and for the Northwest Food Processors Association. She is one of the most knowledgeable workforce resources in the state/region and is a valued team member.”  Dave Klick, Outreach Executive, Northwest Food Processors Association