Job description picJob descriptions. I can see your eyes light up already — “Tell me more.”

Today, I’m launching a new line of services: Jobz Defined. 

Working with small and mid-sized organizations, I hear the same problems over and over from owners and managers:

  • Their job postings don’t attract the right applicants.
  • Their training programs don’t seem to develop the right skills and competencies.
  • Their workers aren’t being held accountable for critical tasks.
  • Their performance evaluations are disconnected and ineffective.
  • Their supervisors don’t know how to manage the work because the workers don’t understand what they need to do.

What’s the root of most of these problems? Job Descriptions that are inaccurate or out of date. Seems like a good place to start!

At Jobz Defined, our vision is to help employers transform their businesses through Job Descriptions that are accurate, relevant, and integrated.

What can Job Descriptions do?

  • Drive worker growth and success
  • Capture the core skills and competencies needed for each job
  • Assist organizations in complying with Pay Equity requirements
  • Reflect labor market trends and data that inform organizational development

While some folks think of Job Description reviews in the same category as having a root canal, we beg to differ. And in the coming weeks and months, we hope to convince you of their extraordinary powers as well.

Jobz Defined. It’s what we do.

If you are interested in a FREE Assessment of your Job Descriptions and compliance to the Oregon Pay Equity Act, contact us today!