How Colleges Can Shrink the Gap

This is the reality of today’s funding structure for community colleges. By designing degree programs with multiple “on-off” ramps and stackable certificates, colleges not only give students the flexibility to work in the field while building technical skills, they also help employers understand the long-term value for workers and the institution to complete credentials.

“By the year 2025, 62 percent of our employee base will need a postsecondary short-term credential, and/or degree or diploma. Funding for community colleges is outcome-based, meaning that our funding depends on students completing our programs. When students exit early, we don’t get any credit for them. We need to better communicate this to companies so that they know completion of these programs is critical not only for the success of the student but for our success at the community college level.”

Aligning College and Careers: Working With Industry to Shrink the Skills Gap

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